Xbox Official inventory issues

Game mode: online official pvp
Problem: Bug
Region: All unlocked.

I have just noticed an issue with the xbox characters inventory.
Removing an item from your inventory will not keep that slot open, instead the items below shuffle along to fill the spot, and when that item is returned it goes back to the same position before it left.

I wouldnt consider this an issue if i was now unable to move items around in my inventory. Selecting an item no longer highlights or gives the ability to swap with other items.

I was able to apply a legendary repair kit after a few attempts but it was never highlighted as is usually should be.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. open inventory
  2. attempt to move/drop items
  3. Notice items close space (if dropped) or dont highlight (if selected)
  4. Swear at tv

Hello @R3KA5AND, thank you for pointing out this issue, we’ll register it for the developers to look into!

I have been unable to recreate this issue, i dont know how it begun.

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