Xbox Official server 2802 missing

I was just playing on server 2802 with my friend yesterday and now it is missing. Please fix asap.

Yea I’m not finding it either. played it for 1 day. Do they delete servers here often? Don’t want to start putting in work to have it deleted frequently

Haha wowzers, you were the guy chasing me yesterday hahaha.

Hahahahahahahaha mickey u got eaten by a alligator that was funny as hell

I’ll check! We don’t delete servers though, not the officials. :slight_smile: Sorry for the trouble!

Sever 2805 is not on the server list

Still nothing. So is missing servers a common issue? Got the game yesterday, server has been nuked within the first 24 hours of me playing it. Don’t want to dump any time into another server if this is something that will continually happen

Same issue here man. Literally bought the game yesterday with 3 buddies and now we can pay with what we started with

Server 2727 was missing for me and my friend earlier as well :sleeping: Conan is hands down my favorite game right now but these crashing and connection issues are deadly

Its been like almost three hours since i made this post and still the server is missing…

It was like 8hrs before my server showed back up 2729 official now it’s back but just dashboards me after I load in for a whole 20seconds. On xbox.