Where all the American servers go

This is so frustrating. Couldn’t get in all day took off work to play and the servers are all down. What gives. Funcom really messed this one up

yep, they could at least give a notification in game when taking down a hundred servers, someone must have been cheating pretty bad.

Server 1578 went down just after midnight. Its has not been back up yet. This is not what I expected less than 24 hours after launch!!!

Something is going on. So many people bought the game and this is the type of thanks we get. No room to play and then take all servers down wtf.

Maybe we get lucky and they are adding more servers.

Xbox server 1613 has also been gone since midnight of last night. I have checked multiple times today and not once has it appeared. Getting frustrated with Post-release Conan was really looking forward to the polished version of a game I already enjoy.

Did you guys see the bug where one guy would just mutiply every time you killed them so the one dancer i was killing ended up being like 14 in an hour

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i wish they would just let us know what is going on with us servers cause i dont wana wait just to find out there going to be down for a couple hours when i could have been doing something else like sleeping lol

well us servers are back up btw just came up

I’m sorry to hear that everyone in this thread is having issues finding servers to play on. We’re working to bring up more servers during launch to accommodate the demand we’re seeing during launch.

Server 1578 is currently up. All servers are named differently now:

PC servers will be in the 1000s
Xbox servers will be 2000s
PS4 will be 3000s

So Xbox 1613 was renamed to something else. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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