All my favorite servers just went down

I was kicked from the server and now they are all blank whats going on ? No annouccment was made

I have lost so many characters and had server wipes on many of my buildings to having to keep resetting this game.

Check your steam updates, the servers might be in the process of installing this latest patch.

My server on playstation is down just for me and my friend in the same town my other friends can get on but not me and my friend we cant even see the server #3834

That sounds like yours didn’t update. Hmm, I know you can shut down the Conan app in the Ps menu, maybe it’s running in the background and not letting it update.

Tryed that a few times still doesnt work

Xbox used to do this awhile back, people fixed it by logging into a different server. Then theirs showed up. Can’t say it will work but worth a shot.

Nope and i just learned almost 80% of the players on the server cant get on