(Xbox One) Purgatory discord X7yJ4U6

Name - Purgatory discord X7yJ4U6

Harvest - 5x

Xp - 10x

Longer days//shorter nights

Stamina Cost Reduced

Active Thirst/Hunger Reduced

Avatars Active for 60 seconds

Resources Spawn Faster

Crafting Time reduced for both player and thrall

Fuel Burn time extended

Purge is active and will occur when no one is online

We run events daily whether its a raid base, pvp tournament, or something. We have a PvE RP Village that houses our arenas, a tavern, and a store. Prices are posted inside the store and on the discord.
This server is a hardcore PvP server. Alot of people have joined and left after being raided once. We are looking for people who actually want to pvp and wont leave once being attacked.

We are also currently looking for people to join the PvE RP Village as merchants. If this is something that interests you then please feel free to message me.

My gamertag - MMAI Swattpup89

Discord link - X7yJ4U6

We have clans currently on the server willing to help new players and teach them the game. We also have been running events daily.

Edit by Melcom: Nameing and shaming are not allowed on the Forum

Our server population is low due to we take our community seriously and do not deal with toxicity. It is immediately removed from the server and wiped off the lands. We are trying to build a community for people to play and learn and have fun. Not one where people get discouraged after day 2 of picking up the game and quit.

Server was wiped as of yesterday----currently we have building damage turned off until June 25th to give new players time to build