Xbox One PVE Dedicated Server recruitment

I have purchased some server space so my friend and I can play Conan Exiles, and we’d love to have some more people join my server. Settings are not to boosted, and no crazy admin business going on. We just enjoy the game and figure we can invite people to play with us. Please join if you’d like. Server name is Miss Murder’s PVE Server. We are relaxed and casual gamers who enjoy extending the invite :grin:.

Are you guys straight pve or pve-c? I have some people looking to join a new server with people

We are straight PVE.

…but willing to switch it to PVE-C if that’s what people want. :grin:


No idea what the difference is between a pve and pve-c is … 🤷

Is it ok if I play nude/partially nude almost all the time? It just fits with my RP character

What are the custom settings set to?
Do I need a mic?
Do I need to be on discord or any other platform other than the xbox?
How many slots are open? I have a couple friends who might come back to the game if we can find the right server.

@esotericdecay how’d you post on a 21 day old thread that’s already been closed?