[XBOX] Private Server - Reset on May 8th?

Does anyone know if the private monthly cost servers for XBOX will be reset on 5/8/18?

If they are not, does anyone know who to contact to have one reset?

I want to start from square 1 on release date.


Did you find any more info on this?
I’m curious as well. It’s 2:08 AM here in AZ I can update Conan (44.44 Gigs ) not sure if this is a completely different save file or an update, but will see once it’s done downloading. I’ll keep ya posted

Private rented servers are not being wiped - just official servers. You have the choice of doing so yourself, but that’s at your discretion and control. It’s your server, so we have no control over it :slight_smile:

AndyB is correct. Many may wonder how you do this. You have to go to g-portal.com and then you have to claim your private server. Then you can wipe, change setting and make sure it is always up to date with the most recent game releases.

I do not have the specific claim your XBOX server link but g-portal is very helpful.

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