Xbox PvP - finding other players

Hello, I started up on an official server on xbox that had anywhere between 15-30 people. I’ve been on it for a day, running around the map, built a base in the highlands, yet, I NEVER have seen another player. I find random bases here and there, but not a single other player out in the open world. I realize 15-30 on a large map is quite a bit, but I thought surely I’d find someone.

Are people just in a different part of the map away from highlands and that’s why I’m not seeing anyone? I just want open field PvP. Dont care about raiding/building/whatever, just want to find players out in the open for full loot pvp, yet i’ve seen none. Any ideas?

What server? Most interactions end up happening at the obelisk outside of Klael’s Stronghold (Warmaker dungeon) from my experience. In the highlands, your best bet is seeing people in the Mounds trying to get Berserkers/Dalincias

I couldn’t tell you for sure right now what server, maybe 2561? Not sure. Either way thanks for the info, I’ll check out those areas

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