Xbox Rented server, can't access purge settings tab

Like the title says, on my Xbox rented server I can’t access the purge settings tab, is this a bug or intentional?. Or did I break something? .

I too wish to know why I also can’t access purge settings in the tab

You can’t access those settings due to a bug that we are waiting for a patch for. However with the last patch they announced there will be no more patches until release in early May. So those of us who pay for dedicated private servers won’t be able to change Purge settings until release.

It doesn’t really matter that much that you can’t access the settings either because the Purge is broken on private dedicated servers for some reason. I’m thinking it’s something with the Purge meter because it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t move at all. So they need to patch the Purge for private servers and patch the bug that is keeping us from accessing the settings.

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Wow, that’s bs, so literally if I want to have fun with purge I have to essentially waste my rented server and go play on an official or solo?

For now yes you will have to play with the Purge in Solo or on official.

I too am disappointed that we’ll have to wait until release to play with the Purge on our private dedicated servers. So I’m making use of the next couple of weeks to study up on the Purge by watching videos and getting our bases fortified and ready to go.

Maybe Funcom will surprise us with a patch to fix that before release but I’m not getting my hopes up.

My rented server isn’t going to waste because we’re still having a blast with much of the other new features.

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