Xbox stability even worse after todays update

All your trolling that keeps the thread alive aside…

I had no issues with the August update. I notice the lag in a base may mostly be dependent on the amount of thralls involved but maybe if they get spaced out more it’ll help but it’s probably demanding on the resources.

However like the other recent post mentions, as soon as this I thought it was a recent September update that wasn’t mentioned on the site’s listing came out, my game is inoperable, in single player. I don’t have Gold just yet. The intro sequence can lag but once I go to load my game save it crashes to home-screen, on repeated separate day tries.

Since I don’t know what the patch contains I can’t provide further feedback, and I could try to reinstall the game I suppose but if I have to kill my long term game save I’ll be disappointed since I’ve taken my time being immersed and yadda yadda, don’t really want to re-grind every little thing since rebuilding and hauling manually takes many hours.

Also belated apologies on not getting my one Sunken City game clip pair uploaded, my Gold ran out before I was done trying to figure out how to not-edit the clips and how to upload them on the console without just dumping it in the game community page or whatever. I don’t want to add to the negativity at hand, might be better off with PC than a console when I can afford to maintain such but it’s not like I’m bored with what’s available, and I can’t do much else but report it’s crashing every time at the end of the loading, and if there’s something else like a system resource based loading/area cap it’d be nice to just be told as much.

I don’t entirely think that’s what the issue is but based on what I see gets made and populated for PC citadels I’m not entirely sure, personally, I wanted something solid before enabling the Purge to keep from having a lot of work fubar’d. I feel like I’m rambling, but some feedback would be nice, besides trolly crap.

Yes, things can be annoying, but as long as it isn’t a game breaker like the short cuts in the Mechanist’s Lair that are structural coding it shouldn’t be a long-standing issue. I understand the coding is very complex, but I also don’t see why half of the new gen games are so painfully buggy. The format is new and interesting to me, maybe I should build a more spacious fortified village instead of a foundation dense keep, but when people build massive bridges between landmasses I doubt it’s a resource burden. Pardon the excess rambling, at least it’s not fan/hate mail.

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I don’t think he was trolling to keep the thread open, I can only imagine he got upset in regards to the reveal trailer yesterday. I didn’t watch the official reveal as I know better to spend more money with this company, but I did skim through some reaction videos from some of Conans larger youtube creators for PC. And some of them were saying Funcom just dumped all over their console communities yet again so given the timing I would imagine that is what he was upset about.

Your right i wasn’t trolling an yes i am mad :angry: because I can’t play the game with out crashing every 10 to 15 minutes almost 3 weeks now and no fix an for someone to take time out to come on here an worried about what other people are saying what’s that say about you it must mean your the type of player that thinks it’s ok that the game crashes every 15 minutes :expressionless:

  1. Kicked off Server Ever Hour or so then not able to enter game anymore, sometimes for days at a time
  2. Laggy at Start of the Game
  3. Game says it is corrupted
  4. Tames want to walk inside of you while fighting if your going to keep having this then make it to where we can’t hurt the tames while they guard us or something.

But the MAIN ISSUE is not being able to continuously play the game once you get kicked out and try restarting or going into single player to make it work it STILL DOESNT WORK. Now I have to sit here in anger and wait for no response from the Devs to help with the issues. So if @Ignasis is able to read this if you could fix it today to where I can play that would be great sever 2807 is the server and I am guessing more then one server doing this since I have tried multiple and same issues but would like to be able to play today longer then an hour. I don’t know who else I can reach out to cause I never get a response from anyone.


Dont restart your game after every lost connection, it just re activates the fact you have to load up Singleplayer again, sorry if this is not helpful. I get the lost connection more nowadays than the actual crash to dashboard, sometimes I lose connection 3x in 10 minutes, but usually I’m able to play for quite a few hours at a time…

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I didn’t watch the trailer either. I watched the Werewolf one out of curiosity. It’s just pretty CGI stuff anyway. Cinematics and the game itself are totally different things. I also heard from a Youtuber that that expansion may or isn’t coming out on console until next year. So what do I care? When it won’t play as is today. And if you know better than to invest in the company’s product, then why are you even here commenting on it?

He’s here for the same reason I am, because if we could have opted to NOT download the update/patch our games would be less broken than they are now. Which is paradoxical. Blargh.

Because I enjoy the game when it is actually playable. And I know better than to invest more money into Funcom from my personal experience with this game due to the fact that I have already invested money in this game and don’t care to be ripped off and then ignored by the perpetrators.

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