XBOX - Update #33 - Unable to start Cooking Fires, or Furnace. Can't reach the ON button with controller

Official Server #1402 PVE
Level 33 character.

I have logged in on two different Xbox’s with the same account. I can not highlight the ON button within any cooking station.

I have reset all my FEATS. I can’t cook any Food or smelt any Iron. I am surviving on Honey and I’m almost out of that. I won’t survive long at this rate so I have logged out until I hear of a solution.


The left trigger will cut them on now.

Thanks, you’re a life saver really, I almost died…

Would have been nice if Funcom had put the STANDARD xbox icon on that button and not the STANDARD button icon from a 1970’s cassette player…

Oh well.


They changed a bunch of controls for the inventory and GUI due to the combat changes and GUI updates. Pay attention to the bottom of your screen as this has the important button combinations that will change contextually based on what you are interacting with. I’m so used to moving items with the Y button now that I’m dropping things on the ground left and right and moving my whole inventory to containers or entire containers to my inventory because I’m not used to the new button combinations.

I feel your pain man.