Yamatai stormglass frontier which would you choose?

Name says it all…

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I have yet to find a building where Frontier fit in well, though I suppose it exists. But really I’d say ‘mix and match’. Any building made solely from one material gets same-y and boring compared to a mixed one. Stormglass is awesome for its windows though NGL.

Edit: I am very wrong, Frontier fits in nicely lots of place, as long as one stays away from the Chaos Space Marine spiky bits!


My absolut favorites are People of the dragon and Stormglas. They are both absolutly beautiful.


People of the dragon?

Nemedian. The DLC is called People of the Dragon though.


Thanks for that have had the Dlcs so long forget the names.

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The only pieces I use from the frontier set on a regular basis are ceilings, wedge ceilings, and stairs with rails.

Yamatai’s nice, especially if you blend some of it with some Nemedian pieces.

Stormglass has those windows, although it’s hard to blend them with any other set.

It’s a tough choice, and it depends a lot on what kind of stuff you like to build. If you’re into castles and palaces, the frontier isn’t going to be such a great fit. If you’re into villas and mansions, then stormglass isn’t going to be very useful on its own.

Like @Mikey said, mix and match is the best way to go. Having a bunch of different DLCs and blending them together is the most versatile approach.

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Stormglass if I can only pick one. However I mix and match too much.

Stormglass works well with Yamatai. Arena is a great base section for any build. Frontier flooring with Khitan walls are really nice. Nemedian and khitan work well together as well. Stables can work with all of them but excel with Nemedian.

Things I don’t use…frontier walls (scales…just can get into them) and ceiling (spikes are just too Mad Max for me) Yamatai foundations (just not my style), black ice (sorry years of official PVP got me to hate this set and i only crack it open for camouflage in the volcano)

I haven’t done a lot with reinforced brick but with the new 3.0 stuff coming in, I’m curious .

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Can you share some examples? I love finding new ways to blend DLCs.

Same request as above, I never thought of mixing Nemedian and Khitan. In fact, Khitan is the one I use the least, because I can’t seem to get the red to combine with anything else. I only use its ceilings, foundations, and decorations.

These 3 dlcs can match perfectly!
Storm glass will provide the elegance and the details, frontier will provide the “aggressive” character that a castle needs and Yamatai will give a spectacular contrast on the black inside the castle!
We must not forget that the interior of a frontier wall is absolutely stunning!
I would totally use all three of them, they match perfectly!

@CodeMage, later on I will send you a photo of an effort that matched Nemedian, Yamatai and stable perfectly on a server I play! If the builder is really good there are no boundaries

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Yamatai is solid.
Frontier is mainly OK, except spikes and protruding nails - as if the artist first designed the style without them, and then game director came and said - “This is supposed to be a SAVAGE DLC, make it more SAVAGE - you know, we need some SPIKES”, and designer just “fine, whatever”.
Stormglass is probably my least favorite of 3.

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I like the khitan wall for interior it shows up shield and weapons racks well and is the same on both sides. We use a good bit of storm glass also because of the lighting.


Nobody uses Turan dlc ? But it matches very well with Stormglass + Argossian + Aquilonian. The contrast between the golden Turan with the dark Stormglass added to the two different white Aquilonian and Argossian.
Stormglass + Black Ice + Aquilonian + Argossian for a black and white castle looks great.
Derketto set + Yamatai can make great tree houses.
I mostly use khitai for interior walls. Those red walls usually looks great with anyt other sets.
I’ve been back on CE, on PC thos time after having played on PS4 and XBox one S, since a few weeks and haven’t treind the Nemedian set yet. But from what I’ve seen it seems it’s the DLC to build a nice looking Middle Age castle. Even if making round tower is still impossible.


I do, but the question was about 3 specific DLCs.

I like Turan DLC a lot, especially those ceilings, roofs, fences, crenelated walls, ramps, and stairs. They mix exceedingly well with almost any other DLC.

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Yeah turian is awesome. I used to use it a lot more than I do now. For hidden ceiling bases, nothing beats it’s black underbelly.

I love Frontier. The main place I’ve used it is in the Dirgewood near The Mounds of The Dead, or in some of the other wooded areas around there. I think it fits quite nicely. I also like it in the savannah-like areas. On Siptah I’ll use it for builds that are in the plains areas of the center.

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From the day someone will buy this dlc, there is no way not to use it. Especially the table lanterns are a must in every build I fix.
Every single dlc has something special, something that will make you to use it in each construction you make.
Turan dlc can make a square look fabulous!

Of those three it is a bit of a thing…

This one uses Yamatai extensively… For upper floors over Arena and Nemedian bases, for that wattle and dab look more common in the non ground floors of older European homes. Also, the roof and awning are reasonable tile.
However, as a stand alone… Almost never.
The gear. At least the light set works as clothing. The others… Well, this one doesn’t reach for Conan when they want to weeb out.

Frontier, amusingly enough, gets turned inside out for the same purpose as Yamatai if this one is making a shell build with no intention of inhabiting. The timber facade looks quite good as the upper floor to Nemedian.
The stairs and wedge/ceiling pieces see significant use when this one wants a lovely finished floor interior. The roof pieces are also used quite a bit with Arena or any other set when a very hostile fortress is desired.
As a stand alone, and not inside out, only for some builds in the Jungle or near the Mounds of the Dead.
This one uses pieces of the armour much more often. Especially the Heavey set, looks like proper barbaric furs.

Beautiful, beloved, Acheronian style.
Yery near the top of this one’s list, even if it was just the vaulted cieling pieces that actually fit together and the windows it would still rank.
It takes some effort to blend it with other styles. For insetting the windows, this one suggests pillar framing so the black borders are hidden.
Also, the awnings work well for a green house or modest arboretum on the side.
This one rarely mixes and matches with this material style (other than windows), but does build with it quite a bit.
Be warned, the glass roof pieces leak. If it is raining outside and one is under glass roof or awning, one will be rained on.
The gear is a thing. The light set makes an admirable dancer outfit. The Heavey set looks like serviceable armour, even if the pauldrons spent just a bit too long working for Blizzard.
The medium set… This one is certain it is absolutely someone’s thing. Very much their thing. We were bound to get a gimp mask eventually…


I used Frontier for my wife’s Shrine to Set…but I’d choose Stormglass if I was forced into these three.


I like bits of all of them. Frontier probably the best. Not such a big fan of the walls and foundations but I really like the frontier fences - put them on top of an arena or reinforced or nemedian tower, and it instantly looks like a barbaric frontier outpost. The stairs are nice too, and I’m using the spiky roof bits as ablative/anti-bomb ramps in my current base. I’ll post a pic I think it looks awesome.

The Yamatai foundations and ramps are great for white exterior stone, but I’m not a fan of the tatami floor on top. And the walls are just too fancy. Probably my least fav of these three.

The stormglass pieces are amazing camo in the jungle temples on EL and Acheronian ruins generally.

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