Compatable Building sets

Hey just thought to have a topic on here about building compatability for the DLC’s. Which sets work with which sets as far as looks go. I’ll start and say Turian works well with Yamatai walls and the entire set works well with stormglass. However I’m not a fan of yamatai and stormglass Also Khitan walls and Frontier ceilings work well together. So what have you all figured out?


I like khitan walls indoors for the paneled look o both sides. Will use Argosian ceilings inside of dark walls and foundations to lighten things up we also like to have contrasting fence and crenelations to main building


Nemedian roof pieces on Insulated Wood, looks really good. Although, if you want to go with Nemedian walls, the floor/ceiling Insulated wood pieces seem to blend right in and look natural.


I’m finding Argossean can work ok with Stormglass

And I quite like the way the flotsam fences look with it (though probably useless for PVP).

Khitan walls for indoors are always a good bet (though I love using Multigun’s tavern walls (from LBPR Additional Features mod), since they are still double-sided, but in a more neutral colour).


huh,…never would have put those two together but it does work.


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