Yamatai Warlord Armor

Yamatai Warlord armor is bugged since October 2021 are you willing to fix it?? its a full paid price DLC which is bugged for almost a year now!

whats bugged?

I made another bug report about this issue yesterday.

It looks like the community support personnel Mayra marked my report as received but made no comment. Keep in mind that bug reports for this issue were marked as received in the past and it has yet to be fixed. And I do agree that it is ridiculous that we paid for this and are still waiting on said fix.

I don’t know if to laugh or cry, but the Argossean Marine armor also has a bug now, Im getting tired of them already, they add battle pass shops and shmops, but can’t fix a texture bug??
I was making reskin mods and fixes, if they need help I can do it myself!

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