Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece Texture Issue

Basic Info:

Platform: PC (Forum posts indicate this bug is on the PS as well.)
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player and Online Private

Server Type: PvE and PVP
Server Name: N/A
Mods: None

Bug Description:

There is an issue with the textures of the Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece. Please see the images below (No dyes were applied to the any armor pieces. The chestpiece used to have the same coloring/shading as the tasset like pieces on the leggings).

I have found various forum postings going back to Q4 2021 about this same issue. User Raskhaul previously created a nice list of a few of them (Yamatan heavy armor texture issue - #4 by Raskhaul).

Community support personnel have responded to some of these past postings (Most recent reply I could find: Yamatan heavy armor texture issue - #5 by Mayra) and have stated that the team is indeed aware of this issue, but as shown in the images below, a fix has yet to be implemented.

Can we get some assurance that this will be fixed and not put of the back-burner indefinitely?


Bug Reproduction:

You just need to equip the non-epic or epic version of the Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece and the discoloration should be immediately evident.


Oh, I just thought this was messed up on Classic (and Savage Wilds, as it seems to use Classic’s colour/lightning system) - on Siptah it seemed (maybe due to the different shader engine/settings…?) to look better.

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