Yellow Lotus potion wipes all learnt recipe from vaults


After used yellow lotus potion all my recipe learnt from vaults are all wiped, including statues, insignias & trophy all wiped.

weapons learnt from vaults also wiped.

Please help

@Hugo @Ignasi


Hi, @Skymoon. Are you playing with any mods?

nope, @CodeMage official server are not allowed to mods

When you say the recipes are wiped, I assume that they don’t appear among your feats. Have you checked whether you can still craft them? There were bugs before where certain recipes didn’t appear in the feats, but were still craftable.

Also, it might be a good idea to submit a bug report in the PC Bugs forum.

@CodeMage nope, cant craft it anymore. it vanished. missing from artisan table.

It’s definitely sounds like a bug. Submitting a bug report in the PC Bugs forum should help Funcom eventually take care of it.

@CodeMage it happens on isle of spitah, got it tagged with #bug

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Was messing around with yellow potions, and now my vault insignia/statue/trophy feats are missing.
I still have weapons and armor feats though. This is on official servers no mods.


@Ignasi i thought it was just me… As you can see by my last posts I had all devolved things and insignias. Right now after hotfix I have nothing but a fresh one I just got today. How to understand that?

Above is an new screenshot that I just made, under is my topic just before hotfix.

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@Exiled1 yes, it just happened yesterday about 18hours ago.

I was running into issue with disappearing vault feats on testlive.

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