Ymir god cost 2500 Manifestation of Zeal vs other gods cost 500 Manifestation of Zeal

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: Any
Region: Any

Why Ymir god cost 5 times more than othet gods?

  1. Build a Altar of Ymir
  2. Farm Ice Shard
  3. You need 2500 to make 500 Manifestation of Zeal
  4. Find and break a T4 Priest

It’s not a bug, but it’s unbalanced as hell, i admit.

Ymir should really get some love and care for sure. I hope there is some ongoing project for him.
Ymir was my very first god as i started play this game in EA. And yes, i feel very sad for him. Most players will either chose Set, Jhebal or any other.

But i saw samething on testlive that give me a slight hope. :crossed_fingers:

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That issue came 2 updates ago

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