You EARNED It - PvE, No Wipe, Hard Settings, For Challenge Seekers -New 5/5/18

You Earned It - For players wanting this feeling as they play Direct connect/listed in the online search under You Earned It


1700 hours in CE and many hours in other games such as Dark/Light etc. These settings are based on experiences from many official and unofficial servers. We are going for a fun but challenging vibe here.

Xp’s across the board are reduced.
Harvesting is 2 times greater to allow for fun along the challenging way (and harvest xps are lowered to compensate.)
Crafting times are reduced a bit - only due to its tedious nature.

Do Not Block - resources, thralls, passages

General building goal -
If you want to build some beautiful buildings or make a larger settlement go for it. If you just like to build boxes all over the map then this will apply to you.
One Main Base per clan member (If you make it giant, it needs to be T2 or better - no giant sandstone bases or walls!)
One 3 block high, 8 block wide, 8 block long or smaller outpost per clan member

Thrall wheels must be near a clan’s outpost or base… Use some strategy on where you build.

No Harassment. Talk in clan chat to your buddies if you aren’t sure what the world considers harassment.

We will attempt not to wipe unless we have to for gameplay. Decay will be ON. If the settings work we will try to keep max time to 2 weeks. If it doesn’t work due to bugs, decay will be temporarily off and we will clean unused structures every 2 weeks (eyesores and prime locations are most likely to be under review). This setting is currently OFF for the near future.

If the server is down or having issues and an admin is not on, please post in discord under the Server trouble channel and we’ll get to it asap.

Also if you are looking for a clan or a clan looking for players please post in the discord channel for that too.

This ruleset sounds like a good fit for me. I have not played since playing a bunch in the first four/five months. Been on official servers the past week. Given the limit on sandstone base and outpost size, how will does the server population handle the WoP being out in the open and lootable by all?

Your main base is up to you in size basically but nothing huge in sandstone
The size of the outpost easily accommodates a med wheel and some space to spare, or smaller wheels. This is primarily meant to avoid wheel farms across the landscape. You do build uncovered wheels at your own risk. There are ways you can deal with that somewhat on your own - don’t leave taskmasters in open wheels - drop them in at the end of the breaking. Also don’t put enough food in for a full break if you are going away, I don’t believe people can take a thrall still in the process of cooking.(not positive.)

Theses are meant to be guidelines, and if not abused the nuns with ruler sticks will not come around and measure/slap fingers.

Thanks for the reply. It certainly is a nice clean slate with all the spots many people desire available, it will be nice not having a ton of randomly thrown together camps, that were only used for hours or days and then abandonned.

Unless the system has changed an in training thrall will disappear if you attempt to remove it. So they cannot be stolen per se.

I admit in the past I have had spots larger than outposts but not outright bases in the vicinity of the den, the pirate ship and set city that I rotated through. But glad to modify my usual method for a functional player community and clean environment without blocked nodes, thralls and major through ways.

Not sure if you would want to adapt this or not. I was on a private server once that ran fairly well before too many got bored with EA. They required any building to have a sign in front of the entrance with the owner’s name and the date last visited on it. Made inventory and usage status simple. Something to consider.

Zxyrn (on server)