Your guide to the Extended Secret World Universe

Hey everyone,

With the upcoming release of Moons of Madness, it might be good to take a look back at the (extended) Secret World Universe. Things started all the way back in 2007 with the release of several Alternate Reality Games, which introduced players to:

  • The Secret World

  • The 3 playable factions

  • The Council of Venice

  • The inhabitants of Kingsmouth

  • Aveline Belmont

  • The Sanctuary of Secrets.

It’s still worth reading up on these to get a bit more context about the game’s story.

These ARGs continued until early 2012 when a promotional Facebook game called The Secret War was released, which was playable until May 2012. In this game, players could deploy agents all around the world and earn rewards for The Secret World.

After the end of The Secret War, players were introduced to a new group called The Black Watchmen through a new ARG called A New Mission Begins. This was part of the last big marketing push before the release of TSW.

The Black Watchmen meanwhile go on to spawn an ARG and several other games.

After the launch of TSW, several other ARGs were created, and the team also started introducing characters on Twitter such as Kirsten Geary and Richard Sonnac. This is often refered to as The Twitterverse. The Hive Mode magazine 2013 (found in hub cities) and the ABC of Monster Slayers (Savage Coast treehouse) were both created by players in the Twitterverse.

Meanwhile, two spin-off games were created by Funcom, focusing on the Atlantic Island Park and students of the Innsmouth Academy respectively.

Both of these games included some tie-in items for The Secret World. Then in 2017, The Secret World was rebooted as Secret World Legends, which brings us to the present. Now, Rock Pocket Games and Funcom are working on Moons of Madness, the latest addition to the Universe.

And that’s it. What dreams may come?


Ps. chart here to summarize


Are the Black Watchmen games canonical?

The Division 66 ARG and the three games technically take place in an alternate version of the TSW universe where the Tokyo Incident never happened. Their appearance in ‘A New Mission Begins’ is canonical.


Great post TCO! Makes me regret I wasn’t there when it all started.


Thank you! At least you should be able to read up on most of it thanks to the amazing people at Crygaia. I for one live for all the added lore and details. :slight_smile:

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