Zebras from hell

Hello, I don’t want to mess with the elites (extraterrestrial Egyptians and the programmers of the Matrix) who run this world in secret, but(t) one thing does not let me go. Are the zebras on Siptah coated horses or monsters born from ignorance? Because I would like to note that zebras are actually more closely related to donkeys than to horses.

There are three ways to resolve this matter.

  1. The zebra ears and tails need to be adjusted.
  2. Conan Exiles gets donkey pets, which can then simply be repainted into zebras for the sake of laziness. I would actually prefer this!
  3. Just leave everything as it is, we have other problems at this time.

And finally, a few pictures to compare of a horse’s buttocks, a donkey’s backside and some zebracheeks. I hope you learned something today. :slight_smile:


You just needed some pretext to show pictures of butts didn’t you? :slight_smile:
Where the hell are the zebras btw? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any…


There are zebras on the island of dawn

Screenshot from google

You just needed some pretext to show pictures of butts didn’t you?

maybe. :sunglasses:


I didn’t notice their butts however the longer neck is the biggest giveaway followed by the stockier legs.
OIP (15)

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There is a nice looking zebra asset in the mod The Sapphire Exile. The model is likely from an asset package, but it should still be possible that Funcom can create a better looking model for zebras.
I don’t know whether it should be possible to ride zebras at some point, so it would of course make sense not to change the body for the fit of saddles. But the tail, neck and ears shouldn’t have too much of an influence, if you ask me.

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No clue, if there are also baby zebras, i don’t think so, never saw one.
Still yes, the Sapphire Exile Zebras looks nice, and like real zebras, and the animation would still fit.

I tried also modded camels, they’re fun, but runing like dogs, so… :rofl:

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist :grin:


nice zebra


Hey @Dark_Overlord

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll ask the Trojans (or our art team, whomever we find first) to stick to wooden figures and leave zebras alone.


When I look at the many great creatures that have been created for Isle of Siptah, I know that the art team can do so much more than paint horses!

Donkeys and zebras for Siptah!


LOL… This reminds me of my childhood, there was a gypsy guy in my city that painted a horse like a zebra and charged for children to take a ride. Some elderly people could swear by god that it was indeed a zebra…

Anyways… Conan Exiles models and art are one of the best out there. I really love them. It’s one of the strong points of this game. But the reuse of models bugs me. I specially don’t like that those were-hyenas and the undead lizardmen use the same model and animation. Whenever I am fighting one of these two, I can’t help but notice it. One of them really should get an unique model/animation.


Lol we have that same thing here in rust-belt America, except its rednecks(me) painting horses instead of gypsies.

I too think that the developers should work harder for my money hahahaha! Whole new game for $10? Blam! I want donkey zebras! Hey wait…

Weren’t zebras in the game before the horses? How’d they screw that up?

Last week I tried to find zebras, but I not found a single one. Are they removed?
If they are somewhere can you give me coordinates?

Same here! Still haven’t seen a striped donkey nor a striped horse. And i live in that island!!!

looks like they removed the zebras. I hope with the release of siptah they add real zebras instead of going the easy route and just leaving them out :frowning:
That was not the point of this thread!


Maybe the art team is re-painting them, they are under maintenance :rofl:


yeah, careful what you with for, want zebras from hell?
here, have a Ki-Rin




i’ve not found a horse of any flavor yet… stripped or otherwise.

but that could just mean the spawn location i found once in the past is no longer where i recall it being and i’ve not found the new location.