+1 Encumbrence armor

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [America]

godbreaker boots and heavy gloves give +1 encumbrence, intencional or bug?

Stats Before update
Godbreaker boots = +3 encumbrence
Heavy gloves = +2

Im looking in conan exiles wiki and godbreaker boots shows +1 encumbrence (before was +3)

most of the armours r changed
i would recomend u to store in a chest ur old armours (or dismantle me for some mats back) and craft new in the best possible bench with the best possible armourer… be carefull as different icons on each armourer means different stats on armour (weight/armour etc)

have a look here to have an idea what to expect more or less)

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the armours changed … especially for console players (that were left a bit behind…) for me personally there was no reason for the godbreaker armour anyway…

maybe mammoth boots kept their stats (they r also heavy and +3 encumbrance)

as for grips , put any strength grips (+2) and craft a redeemed sl chest piece and u will get same number of attributes

if u play on siptah u may wanna try the gloves of the serpentes also (strength bonus (+9)

as for the rest u obviously did not read the link i gave u! ALL armours changed… so enjoy…

and no i do not try to see who has biggest e pennis (idc about this)

just trying to help u out! the godbreaker is obsolete… get over it…

u can also give ur thrall the great sword of the great wolf for extra +4 strength and +4 vitality

edit: not to mention warpaints u can apply to ur thrall…

Yes, mammoth boots keeps +3 Encumbrance

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Wouldn’t waste your breath on this guy any further. Clearly when he reads “ All armours bonuses, armour value etc has changed” it’s just not hitting home. Plus the attitude is crap. Let him figure it out himself.

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