I thought the DLCs weren't supposed to give an advantage, so why

. . . is the only craftable set dedicated to encumbrance while also offering resistance to cold a DLC-only option?

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Are you refering to Khitan Imperial? just making sure.

See https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Armor

Godbreaker Armor, Pride of Aesir and the War Mammoth Boots (yes, only the boots) provide similair stats.



Aren’t those all Legendary sets that require legendary repair kits to repair (the opposite of what I meant by craftable)?

Also, all of those only give encumbrance on the legs. That means the most you can get from those is +3. You can get +7 from the DLC armor minus the helmet.

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Well, I doubt it was intended. I really haven’t checked if there is a cold and warm set for everything in the normal game (without dlcs), but I don’t think they took that as an “advantage” for dlc owner. I’ve been playing with people with dlcs, and really can’t say they have any significant advantage.

There is always the option to find another player to trade the armor for. If you are on solo, that is another issue. But then you would also miss other armors from other dlcs I guess. It is a shame, but not an advantage I would say.


Maybe they didn’t, but it is still an advantage.

Not from my point of view.

I am not a fan of pay to win.

Okay then.


Only really useful if you want to be in heavy encumbrance armour in the cold. The heavy pictish armor also is the only heavy version of strength armor with heat resist making it great for the volcano. I would rather they do away with the armor resist and you add what one you want on them


The only advantage of DLCs is not spending Feat points on various weapons and armor in early game but saving them for decorative stuff. Later on all those iron weapons become obsolete until the epic versions.

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There are non-DLC armors that give strength and heat resistance. Dafari for light and Hyborean for Heavy.

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Yes but the Hyborian slaver legendary is cold resist

Have all the dlc’s and have tested them all out

You can make an encumbrance build in any armor if you want. Ofc it’s nice to be able to spend those points elsewhere, but it’s not that big an advantage. Respeccing is no big deal. You would only “need” it to farm a lot of Black Ice or Star-Metal anyway.

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I disagree.

Why is it a big advantage?

You don’t need a perfect build for farming, so it doesn’t matter there. You might be able to make a build that kills and farms a bit faster, but “p2w” is stretching it. It’s a (very) minor advantage.

So human vault for raids? I agree it is an advantage, but a lot of people manage without it, so I still wouldn’t call it a big advantage.

Any other reasons?

And respeccing is no big deal. Yellow lotus is all over and it’s a basic recipe. It takes 30 seconds to assign your attribute points… I know some people have some kind of feats-ocd, but I really don’t get why anyone woyuld want to cluster their crafting menus with items they don’t need to craft 99% of the time. Personally I only buy feats I need, when I need them (sometimes I respec multiple times a day and I like keeping crafting menus clean that way).

If feats are a really big deal, that midnight something potion aren’t really expensive anyway.


You’re welcome to your own opinion, but that is all that it is.

That’s why I’m asking for your reasons. Having a reason for your opinion can make an opinion valid… Being like “just because” doesn’t validate an opinion at all.


Sadly, not any more.
People complained that it didn’t look like it should resistance cold plus the Pict heavy was then “pay to win” in hot areas.

I think initially it was meant to be a highly prized armour set with it’s obvious advantage in the cold and almost non existent t4 crafter.

Unfortunatley, like every thing else in this game, if it gives an advantage for the hours you’ve put in to aquire something, it gets changed/nerfed.

Yes I’m still sore about it.

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You liking my reasoning or not does not invalidate my opinion.

It is also a cold-hard-fact that there is no non-DLC craftable set with cold resist dedicated to encumbrance , but there is a DLC option that does that exact thing.

Of course that the paid armor exists is a fact. I’m not arguing that.

I just want to know why you think it’s a big advantage (“pay to win” is more like a huge advantage though).

When is it a big advantage?