Cold resisting armor with strength bonus?

Every single set of heavy* armor with bonus strength gives heat resistance. Even the DLC. Can we get one with cold resistance?

I believe Yoggites have the darfari armor set, crafted at the Yog shrine by archpriest or named, which gives same bonuses as normal darfari armor, that is, strength, with cold protection. In fact it’s the armor I go for when heading to cold areas in the north. Not 100% sure what shrine tier and priest tier, but for sure the armor exists.

Edit: Oh, and looks cool to be up in the frozen ridges dressed up like a savage!



and a couple with split stats:

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Okay, a correction. *heavy armor with cold resistance and the bonus strength on all.

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Sorry I meant heavy armor. It’s what I personally wear and both sets, Pictish and the Hyperborean, give heat resist. :yum:

This is why I would honestly like a kit to swap heat and cold protection on gear.

Maybe it would visually change pieces too like darfari light armor with the addition of some fur aspects to it.

Yanno like a fleece lining so it looks like there’s fur trim around the chest piece, loincloth, arm and leg cuffs. Ooo ooo and some fluff around the neck, shoulders and back.

I’ve always like darfari set, looks so immersive in Conan’s universe!. My bad for not seeing you wanted heavy, can’t help on that since I never used heavy myself.

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