Do something about improving heavy armor please read Funcom

rebalanced can only mean nerfed in this case considering that everyone ran around like madmen to farm inferior gear…/s

I disagree, the suggestions heading is the perfect place to assist the devs in making testlive changes on larger topics like armor balance instead of clogging up bugs and errors.

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Dude, I am a software developer… For a very long time. What FC does is just a slap into the face…

Lets say I added a feature to my app/program and then decide, neh, lets remove it/make it worse with next update.
My customers would drop me… Its just a bad practice. Hence why enough quited in the past. I totally understand them (now)…

And I said it in enough threads: Most of this nerfs would never be needed, if the devs would really PLAY their ■■■■■■■■ game and dont add items which were not intended like that way in the first place.

The same with DLC armors now!!

  • DLC Armors should no longer differ from basegame armors in terms of amount of temperature protection.

So what does that mean? DLCs armors temp effect is nerfed or the others was raised? And good that in the previous dev-stream (before the warmaker patch) the devs said DLC armors will NEVER be changed.

So that was also a LIE? The whole company is a joke for me at this point and I really love that game and even bought DLCs (for the temp effects with the armor!!), but if they plan to work like that, I will just play sth else…

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I think they do, they’re just playing PvE…

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Their actions seem to justify this reaction. More consideration for their customer base should be demonstrated when releasing new content that affects gameplay. More caution should be used before these new items are introduced.

The evidence supports a logical deduction like this. Shame FC even if it is not true, the perception is that there is much room for improvement in the area of playing your own game.

yes please, @Narelle @zerog or anyone else able to testlive. Or maybe @Ignasis? does this mean that everything is either 1tic or everything is either 2tic now?

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I guess they don’t understand that 1tic has purpose and 2tic has purpose. If i’m at mounds farming in enc build, see a couple of gankers running in khitan cpt at me, I head south. Not the case if they had kambujan on…This info can also be used on offense tactics.

Actually, things like that should hti test live. that is why it is test live. To stress test. but i do agree in that i would rather them err on the side of low, and buff upwards. People will be less compelled to “complain”, because you are getting more, not less. Anytime you take something away, even if the change is an overall balance and needed change, the first reaction is that something was removed/devauled. It is a mental game with gamers that Funcom will never win if they continue to throw out OP stuff, and then reduce it to try and balance.

Example. Dismantle bench was not even around for 50% of the official game release time. They introduced it, reduced and “fixed” certain unbalanced things after it was out about 2-3 weeks. And i hope we can all agree getting more steel than you used was broken. But there were still people who complained (even though it is stated it was never meant as a farming mechanic) that they removed and “nerfed” the returns for the items we deemed as garbage before the bench even existed. If they would have introduced it, and only gave back very minimal resources, then tweaked up, people would have been more tolerant and understand it was only a garbage recylcer, not a farming tool.


Regarding the temperature effects:

Current Online Version:
Epic Flawless Zingaran Freebooter - 1 cold bar per piece / max 5 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Khitan - 2 cold bars per piece / max 5 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Kambujan - 1 cold bar / max 5 bars for a full set
Epic Flawless Lemurian - 1 cold bar / max 4 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Vanir - 2 cold bars / 5 bars for full set

There are differences on how many pieces you need to wear to apply the last 4th or 5th bar. E.g.
If you wear 3 pieces khitan you get 4 bars, if you wear 4 pieces you get 5th bar. Same for Vanir. For Zingaran you have to wear all 5 pieces to get 5 bars.

On TestLive now:
Epic Flawless Zingaran Freebooter - 2 cold bar per piece / max 5 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Khitan - 2 cold bars per piece / max 5 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Kambujan - 2 cold bars / max 5 bars for a full set
Epic Flawless Lemurian - 1 cold bar / max 4 bars for full set
Epic Flawless Vanir - 2 cold bars / 5 bars for full set

All sets with 2 bars require 4 pieces for max 5 bar protection.

Same for Epic Flawless Darfari: On Live it has 1 bar / 5 max. On TestLive it has 2 bars / 5 max.


Each piece of EF Khitan gives you 2 bars. But all 5, just 5… I can see people crying at the forum/reddit that there is something broken, because 5x2 = 10 and not 5 :smiley:

BUT: Behind this change, someone really thought about it and about consequences… Overall a nice change.
So not all hope is lost -> looking at 40% AP Oil…

not when 5 is the max. while testing i figured the temperature system was a bit more complicated than I initially thought but now most of the sets are the same anyway. Lemurian seems to be the exception to the rule (might be an oversight or intended cos royal armor).

To clarify further to the system not being simple math:
1 piece epic flawless darfari = 2 bars
2 pieces epic flawless darfari = 3 bars
3 pieces epic flawless darfari = 4 bars
4-5 pieces epic flawless darfari = 5 bars

did I miss the abundance of threads where temperature effects and DLC armor was the issue?

I vaguely remember aria crying about pay to play I think but we all took that for what it was. Please don’t tell me this change is based on this thread:

perhaps the limit of the graphical interface is 5 bars? Does the behind the interface code still recognize it as 8 or 10? :thinking:

this is what i am getting with basic armor pen as “true” damage if you were facing 100% armor rating. this is my pseudo-science :slight_smile:
this is 4th accuracy perk, and oil added based off current wiki stats.

Top Ten overall


I can understand an adjustment of armor rates to make them equal among classes, but this may or may not be the case for other variables in armor selection (for instance temperature). There can be reasons (like I said earlier) that you don’t want the maximum protection but don’t have access to another equally stat’d piece that offsets the temp effect.

ADDED: I thought it may help to add an example. Let’s say I have a base by the Den somewhere and a thrall wheel/fish house/some asset near mounds. With medium base encumbrance armor I can make it there and back with one full set of armor and no ill effects. Not the case if I attempted in Yamatai demon, ill effects because of armor temp rating

It’s ok, one day we’ll have thousands of hitpoints like a PvE boss and all will make sense.

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Both yes and no. Depends what your goals with a testing platform is. The name “TestLive” suggests it’s things that have already passed all internal checks on balance etc and just need testing in a Live-like environment before hitting Live. That’s IMO not the right place to put something very experimental, but there doesn’t appear to be any further levels of separation between developers and Live - TestLive is all there is, so obviously that’s where it has to happen.


I sure hope not, because that whole thread was one ignorant, whining person repeating the same weak argument ad nauseum, and the entire rest of the community telling them it was no problem.


Personally, I would not give up the game just because of some Nerfs, unfortunately that’s the case in many games.


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