Heavy Armour buffs

We all know heavy armour is useless in pvp. Perhaps adding resistances to effects like, bleeding and cripple would make it a more viable option to those wanting to use it.

in what world is heavy armor useless in pvp? do a beserker build and poop on anyone and everything in your way with a lying bastard

the build goes head cheast and legs champion armor and the other two slots are your prefed heat resist armor to balance temp. 40 str 10 agil 30 vit 30 grit and a lying bastard and i promise youll change your mind on this subject. just dont be wuss made when you fight people and divide and conquer youll out pace anyone your fighting as theyll be to busy dodging you to even make a attempt to fight you properly just bum rush fake outs till you see an opening. 1v3 are easy pz and 2v5s as long as you communicate are simple task

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