Heavy armour doesn't work or maybe... a cheat?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvP
Region:PvP 1130

Noticed and heard from others and my friend that when you wear heavy armour sometimes it doesn’t realy give you that much protection or maybe it is bugged as was new fish, that gives buff for stamina. When buff was over, stamina went to -20. Perhaps heavy armour gives you negative indicator of armour? And i noticed that when you log in sometimes your armour stat shows that you are not wearing anything at all. Why i am writing this. Yesterday we were PvPing with guy who had one handed sword and he hit my friend, who was wearing full heavy with 600+ HP, two times left him about 80% of health. BUT after third heavy strike he anihilated him zeroing his HP. He had steel sword.
Is that a cheat or another bug?

That does seem odd.

Interesting. In my testing with heavy armor, think I was able to max out at 920 armor, every 100 armor was only reducing damage by 1hp. I only tested this with arrows though so can’t vouch for melee damage.

Hey @DeDok

This looks more like foul play than a bug. If you have any information about any exploits and how to reproduce them, please use our tool Exploit Hunters.

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