DLC Armor Attribute Changes

The DLC armors seem to keep repeating the same Attribute bonuses. The prime example being Light Poitain, Light Yamatai, and Light Aquilonian all being Agility. Both Meduim Khitan and Medium Turanian are Strength and are the only Cold Mediums for the DLC. Medium Yamatai and Medium Poitain are both Warm weather Encumbrance.

While I agree with your statement, what is your suggestion? What are you missing that you would wear?

There’s no Light Strength other than Darfari, both Light Grits are cold weather, I’m thinking there’s no Light Vitality that isn’t Epic, there’s no Light Accuracy for cold weather, there’s no Light or Medium cold Encumbrance. There’s plenty of options. It’s not about what I need, I can always make whatever, I’m just pointing out the lack of variety.

Zingaran Freebooter. I mean, you can craft it as non-Epic or Epic not sure what you meant by “that isn’t Epic”.

It’s a level 60 armor. Before level 60 there’s no Light Vitality armor. It’s only available under Exile Epics.

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