10 point Grit Attribute perk now worthless?

With the stamina changes, the Dev stream seemed to indicate that stamina regeneration would be set at .1 (the fastest possible regeneration rate the game engine allows). But under Grit (spending 10 points), there’s a bonus of +25% stamina regeneration. So if the stamina regeneration is already at the maximum the game allows, how does an additional +25% stamina regeneration “help” (since it can’t go any higher as its default setting)? Does this mean the new perk would be worthless?

Maybe Stamina should be turned down to .3 instead of .1 so that this perk is still worth something? Or maybe I’m not reading this attribute perk correctly?


I believe the perk still regenerates more stamina per tick than without, so even if stamina regen starts sooner you’ll still get more back quicker with the perk.

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my thoughts as well.

Stamina seems to regen so fast now though, it may not be worth taking regardless. Perhaps it should be changed to something like reduced stamina cost on attacks by 10% instead? Since attacks are so expensive now, it would be an appealing perk, but not so much so as to be over powered.

Although, unless it has been changed again, the Fiend sigil reduces stamina cost of attacks by 15%, so maybe the perk should be at least as much…


I agree. I would like that perk adjusted as well with either that suggestion or perhaps as the final perk gives a large boost to stamina pool. Anywhere below 30 percent would be a sufficient boost without being unreasonable. Grit does directly determine the stam pool so it makes since for the final perk to do something in that regard. Not sure how much the stam pool is increased per point spent (Y) but IMO 10x(Y)/4=perk boost sounds fair to me.

Also I would like to add that stam drain should correlate with the weapon type being used. For example if your an agility build with no points in strength then using a strength weapon would cost more stamina and vice versa.


Don’t forget about the Sigil of the Twice Drowned which has a chance to make attacks consume no stamina at all. On the PTR both of those effects still work and honestly it’s probably an oversight on funcoms part. I suspect they are probably going to change those sigils.

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