BUG: Grit's Tenacity Perk's Stamina Increase Disappears When Putting Points Into Agility

Game mode: Singleplayer

Game Type: PvE

Testlive Build: Revision #398570/34354

I have noticed that when choosing attributes, if you put points into Grit up to the Tenacity perk, which grants you 20 more stamina from the perk, and then put points into Agility (which also increases stamina by 1 per point) the effects of the Tenacity perk’s stamina increase are removed, leaving you with only the raw stamina gains from the point investment in Grit and Agility.

Number examples: 5 points into Grit to reach the perk will leave you at 135 stamina (15 from the 5 points in grit and 20 from the perk) but then if you put points into Agility, the 20 stamina from the perk is lost leaving you with 116 stamina with 1 point in Agility and 5 points in Grit. This is also reflects with fully maxing each attribute, full points into Grit is 180 stamina, putting 20 points into Agility after maxing Grit still leaves you with 180 stamina when it should be 200.

Note: If you max out Agility before getting the Tenacity perk in Grit, the numbers will add up correctly. The bug only applies when you have the Tenacity perk first and then put points into Agility. Any points you put into Agility first will give you the correct stamina with Tenacity, but any points you put in Agility after having already unlocked Tenacity will remove the 20 stamina gained from the perk.

Can confirm

Hi @Aramis and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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