Agility reduces dodge stamina cost

I saw the stream where Jens and Robert discuss changes to some of the attributes, but i was dissapointed to know that individual points in Agility still dont make you any more agile. One thing that has always bugged me is that no matter how much stamina i have, dodging always costs a quarter of my total pool, and the only way of changing this is by reaching 50 Grit (just so you can dodge 5 times instead of 4 :confused:) not a fair trade. So wouldnt it make more sense if the attribute called AGILITY reduced the cost of dodging by 1% per point, essentially making you more agile as you level it up. This way youll be able to gradualy increase your ability to dodge until you reach your investment goal, rather than being forced to reach a max level perk for a mediocre cost reduction. As for the 50 Grit perk, it should be replace by something thats more relevant to your stamina, like recovering from exaustion faster (penalty ends when 50% of the stamina bar is replenished)

Outside their names (attributes are named this way because the:
Strenght Agility Vitality Accuracy Grit Encoumbrance Survival joke :wink: ) Agility rules how you’re good with armors, providing you armor points. Grit rules over your stamina.

That’s why it works this way.

Back in the Early Access days, dodging cost a certain amount of Stamina instead of the 1/4 of your pool as it does now. Grit was a super-stat back then because a good player with Grit 50 could dodge endlessly. Eventually Funcom changed that, much to my chagrin - I’m the only player in my world so I don’t need to worry about upsetting PVPers who can’t hit me, so I liked being able to dodge endlessly.

But I guess they made a change in the right direction, considering how much PVP people still complain about dodging. As much as I, personally, would love to cut 50 % off my Dodge stamina costs at Agility 50, I’m afraid it would not be a popular change for the PVP world. And we must always consider each aspect of the game - PVP, PVE and solo/co-op - when suggesting changes.

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Nobody is going to invest into 50 Agility when you have more important attributes like Strength, Vitality, and Grit. It wont break the game and its a better way to get the effects of that 50 Grit perk without sacrificing so much for so little

Well, that’s my point, really. Your suggestion would mean that you’d get the current Grit 50 perk (a 20 % stamina discount for dodging) with Agility 20. That’s a significant reduction to invested stat points.

And if with Agility 50 you could dodge eight times without pausing, I’m certain more people than “nobody” would invest into Agility 50. I don’t know what other people consider “more important attributes”, but an “I won’t get hit” attribute would be pretty damn important from my point of view.

Souls games allow you to dodge more than that with more i-frames, attack out of dodges, and no penalty for running out of stamina. How come dodging hasnt been nerfed to the ground in those games. This game on the other hand has harsher penalties for getting hit, using up your stamina, and even dying, but if you suggest a stat should do what its name suggest somehow its considered game breaking

You get invaded by other players whos goal is to kill you before you enter the area boss room. Players also hold unofficial fight clubs where a host gathers co-op players and invaders to fight each other. There are memes about dodge roll spamming but both pvp and pve are possible despite this.


Most of the suggestion posts on these forums do NOT comply with this statement. It would be nice if this was a “READ THIS FIRST” sticky in the Suggestions forum.

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And yet what i am suggesting is implemented in other games i play that have both pvp and pve

Oh, I meant to clarify that I wasn’t targeting THIS thread, sorry.

It’s just good to hear someone voice what I have been preaching for a while.

The reason im suggesting this is because while too much dodging in pvp is busted, running out of staming from dodging 6 unstaggerable skeletons proves that the current system is not optimized for pve.

well it’s up to the player to be more economic with his stamina, maybe before dodge one could try to just evade by sprinting left or right.

Dodge should be the last resort rather than the go to option

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I know, but when you are discouraged from using basic combat mechanics such as lock on and replace dodging with sprinting, that just shows what a mess this combat system is

On 1v1 and some times 3v1 im able to dodge though the onsaught of attacks while landing a few of my own, but its tedious having to constantly disengage to recover some stamina. I have played many games that limit your actions though stamina, but the challenge comes from the opponents themselves rather than limits placed on the player

Like I said in my first post, I, personally, would love being able to dodge a lot more than I can now, but I feel like I need to remind you again - dodging was initially nerfed from what it used to be in Early Access because of player feedback. And based on current player feedback it seems many players, especially PVP players, feel that dodging is still too strong. However, I do think that nerfing dodging even further would be exceedingly harmful to PVE and solo players, so a balance has to be found that is acceptable to all styles of play.

I don’t know about “Souls games” and whether players of those games prefer a different playstyle. I have to assume there are some differences between them and Conan Exiles that make the dodging environment more acceptable to players. So it would probably not be fruitful to simply state that “Souls games players dodge a lot, so why not in Conan Exiles too?” without analyzing these differences in more detail.

I know that the nerf was a done to prevent dodge spam stalemates in pvp, but the recent enemy “rebalances” (like making a bunch of enemies inmune to stagger) has made dodging more nessesary in pve. I’ll be honest that I make these suggestions with prioritizing the pve side of things, but i do so for a reason: you only fight other players in servers that allow it, but the in-game enemies are ALWAYS a part of the game whether youre in PVE, PVE-C, or PVP.

I get the whole dodge thing. Its already kinda broken to be honest. And now with the increase of stamina cost on heavy attacks (Save for daggers) I am expecting to see more back flips.

Right now on my server we have a player using a 40 agility build. But in Heavy Stygian.

I helped make his armor. So I know hes sitting at least at 31 agility +9 for the dodge roll.

He runs hammers and an axe of the lion and shield.

We are friends. But if we were not friends I would run screaming for the hilla because hes a tank but can still knock the snot out of you.

My archer build is useless against him.

To my opinion, i think it’s about giving more option on fight for disengage or break an enemy combo, so i think that the kick should be buff by bein an always usable hyperarmor attack. So if dodge is nerf, the kick will still be able to push back the enemy and alow to flee/kite/ counter-attack

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I always though the kick should be more viable. Also not sure why the kick was removed from bow users. It should reliably stagger and heavy armor users would benefit heavily.

Right now dodge rolling is a little bit wonky with the roll being superior mitigation.

I was getting that if you have the 40 perk in agility and wear heavy armor you have all the mitigation of agilities effect on armor. A dodge roll and if specced right you can deal respectable damage across the board. If you like hammers and light hyper armor the 3rd perk in strength is all you need allowing you to balance your build.

Roll tanking and the hammer is pretty devastating.

I agree, tho a friend is so sad that they fixed dragonbone warhammer, back i mah day, it was possible to have a shield with it x)

to be honnest, Light dodge roll go way too far and should be the same as medium one, but with less stamina cost.

Wan’t to go further with dodge ? Use the “kick” attack of dagger^^