Age of Rolling suggestion

While I am enjoying the stamina changes as an agility user, I can see how this is very limiting to strength and str/corruption users.

As a strength user you have to choose between agility/grit for rolling thrust and combos
Agility/vit for rolling thrust and health
Vit/grit for rolling thrust and combos

An Agi/vit/grit user does not have to choose.

My suggestion is to expand on the dodging mechanic so that all attribute lines unlock a rolling thrust type ability for dodging.

Strength - next attack is free after attacking and gain 200-500 armor for 3 seconds
Agility - unchanged
Vitality - heal either a %of health or %of damage done and next attack is free
Authority - followers gains 2000 armor for .5-1 second, next attack is free
Grit - reduce cost of dodging by 50-75% and next attack is free
Expertise - armor class is always light and the next attack is free

These would NOT stack, once a player maxes an attribute line a dialogue box asks to select a dodge ability based on how many maxed attribute lines there are. Ex. Lvl. 20 and max agility unlocks rolling thrust, but at lvl 40 and now max strength the options are rolling thrust or strength dodge.

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Not that. What’ll be the purpose to make big changes on how stamina works if you change attributes so players could ignores those changes to stamina ?
Especially when you’ve changed stamina to break the SAV meta.

Haha… No…
Their whole purpose with this was to blow up the S/A/V meta, deliberately making it uncomfortable to “have all the cake and eat it too”
If anything… Rolling Thrust is counter-productive to this purpose as with the new stamina regen improvements, dodging is very cheap. So if anything should be changed on this front would be to remove Rolling Thrust too… or change it to where it only removes HALF the stamina cost instead of all of it. That would make it still useful but not “super-desired”

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Change it to double roll. Where you it will allow a double roll for the cost of 1 roll stamina wise.

That’s not a bad idea :slight_smile: Could be the equivalent of double-jump but horizontally… you could double-tap the button and do a fast second roll after your dodge to increase the gap a bit. It would fit perfectly with the choice between that and double-jump and might create some interesting combat styles.
(ofc the no stamina roll isn’t bad either, mine is a bit of a variation :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Hey, sometines i have a good idea lol. Wonder if i can a make a mod of this??? Test it ou and post a video to show its uses.

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Well, it’s not very easily moddable. The one you suggested you could do, but requires overwriting of nasty base files :stuck_out_tongue:
The one I suggested would require an additional rolling animation and even more overwrites, so that one is a bit tricky as a mod.

In my testing (PvE focused) this has made me SAV even harder to use strength weapons. You can do 1200 damage with the sword of crom special chop which is unblockable, has hyper armor and only has a slight delay before you can dodge out of it.

I fully agree rolling thrust is the problem, I’m just trying to suggest an alternative to nerfing it, because that takes no imagination and is the developer meta. If we could not remove the rolling thrust mechanic how could we balance the other attribute lines to match this high performance?

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