10iq problem with corner roofs, tested stormglass and Aesir

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Lots, replicable in modless/vanilla

Bug Description:

Second story corner roofs only snap to the single point of the corner roof below it. Tested on infinite stability, same issue. Please fix, because this is literally 10iq issue

Bug Reproduction:


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Go into admin mode, use fly mode to reposition yourself. Also try switching to a different build piece, then switch back as well as get out of base render range temporarily.

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I have been having problems with both sets myself. Especially doors with Aesir they show up as about a third of the proper size what works sometimes is install a different door frame place door then install Aesir door frame over it doesn’t always work. The storm glass rose windows are also difficult. Private Playstation server stability .5 Aesir wedge ceiling tiles were loosing to much stability.

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Are you currently building wish Aesir? Can you try and replicate something for me? Build like a 5x5 room, all walls and 1 door frame. Do not place a door in the frame. See if a follower can walk through it or do they teleport?

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I’m currently building with Aesir. Give me a few minutes and I’ll test the 5x5. Edit: Dances With Bears will teleport through all Aesir doorways with or without door installed. Series X Single Player mode

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I will test this evening. Had 2 followers last night came through doors installed in a roundish tower Aesir. Not sure if they telaported or not. I always have atleast 2 doors so they don’t block me.

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I built a 5x5 laid foundation’s all to match one door. Had to put down a stair foundation is above the ground level. Tried with first 1 and then 2 Thralls short follow distance 5x5 is doesn’t seem large enough for max following distance. Installed a door still works. Suggest changing your following distance. @phyire @Lucidique


Thralls teleporting through the door doesn’t bother me personally, as I tend to train my thralls to max level before heading to my primary base and parking them there for permanent home defence.

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They didn’t teleport Aesir does have problems had to use Nemedian for some roof pieces the other would not rotate so I have a mixture looks good :wink:

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Tried replacing the piece and or surrounding pieces you want the Aesir piece to snap to?

I saw now yes. Yesterday all thralls were teleporting through my Aesir doorway, including the wanderers that wandered into the tavern. Its fine today :person_shrugging:

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