Stormglass Right-Sloping Inverted Wall bugged

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Stormglass Right-Sloping Inverted Wall is bugged. It wont snap on correctly.
Same goes with the Left one…

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I’ve noticed this as well. It kept wanting to snap into place floating in mid air and at a different angle from where I needed it. Completely refused to snap to the correct position.

Did a redesign earlier today though, and was planning to post a bug report myself if I continued to have problems with it. First build didn’t turn out as good as I envisioned, and I wanted to make sure I ruled out any stability issues. Everything is in place and holds up just fine with flotsam.

Also had some issues with the roof piece that looks like an upside down, flat triangle. (I forget what it’s official name is at the moment.) But again, that one could have been stability problems. We’ll see what happens later when I get around to upgrading it.

Yep exactly

i’ve noticed any of my inverted wedge roof pieces being able to snap. i thought it might have been been a mod issue but it sounds like i might just be experiencing this bug as well.

I have had the issue myself, two things helped it, if you’re snapping it anywhere near a door, remove the door first. Also sometimes it’s a stability thing, and ive been successful at using a ceiling or something else to have it snap to then removing the ceiling. The door thing works more often than not though.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue as it’s been reported over the past few days. Our team is looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback.

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