Is there a mod that fixes stormglass inverted walls?

Stormglass left- and right-sloping inverted walls are bugged: their attachment points and orientation are different from the corresponding pieces in all other building sets. Among other things, this means you can’t place T1 inverted sloping walls and then upgrade them to stormglass. It also means you can’t use stormglass inverted sloping walls properly in many builds.

This has been reported time and again and again and again and again, but it looks like nobody at Funcom thinks this deserves to be prioritized any time soon.

Hence my question: does anyone know of a mod that fixes that? Is this even fixable with a mod?


No, and not fixable by a mod.

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I managed to use them on a fairly complex stormglass build, but they were incredibly annoying to place. I had to rip out a ton of surrounding pieces first to get the inverted walls to behave. :man_facepalming:


I was afraid of that. :frowning: Thanks for confirming it.

Some of it is doable, but there are some basic things that you can do with inverted walls in other sets that you literally cannot do with stormglass :confused:

One would think that this one at least would be a priority. It may not be technically game breaking, but it is highly intrusive and the workarounds are just not practical at all. Like @Lucidique I too tried to find a way to make it work and ended up discovering that in order to get the pieces to place properly, I had to destroy half my building and redesign a section of the roof due to resulting stability issues after the pieces were in place.

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They have been aware of it for almost a year or more.

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