1130 undermesh when fix?

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Hello will this game sometime undermesh fixed? they guy who live in h7 inside the rock, was there ago more than 2 months, u fixed aquilonian statue, but they can go inside again with ceilings and chest,the game is dying because u cant fix undermesh, do you have plan to fix it? ppl leaving this game everytime because u cant revenge with undermesh clans… u are going to have dead game?***

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They fixed It, cannot Build more in that location, but funcom does not delete o cancel characters/clans using cheats glitch (sad!)
But if you use God to destroy …they cannot rebuild.

they rebuild every time we use a god or jars so funcom dont fix nothing

Unfortunately they found another way to get in, we saw them using chests and ceilings to get into the mesh, but we suspect they have a few more ways to do it… kinda sad cause it could be fixed by not allowing to build inside that rock.

Maybe they use aquilonian statue or drawbridge too

They fixed aquilonian in the last patch and marked udnermesh as fixed… only the statue was fixed drawbridge and ceiling still works.

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