Undermesh and green wall builidng needs attention


Little story: I’m a returning player trying to take down a foundation spam alpha tribe on our server. We managed to group up with other tribes on the server and managed to map and take down every single base they had on our server. We used more than 1000 bombs on multiple huge bases acrosse the map and found nothing but thralls wearing god armor. And every single base had that one thing that takes your undermesh (I’m not going to expose the method here). The other day they just laughted at us that we found nothing. We managed to actually see under the map trough the wall and saw a huge base of them, loaded with vaults.

I know I’m probably not the first one bringing attention to this topic and I know Funcom is taking actions. It’s just that the issue has not been solved completely and it’s still possible to build undermesh and outside the green wall. People just put their whole loot undermesh and don’t have to bother getting their outside bases destroyed. This makes pvp non-sens. Even if gods were avaiable, we can’t attack undermesh with normal means.

Obs: I know that it’s possible to raid undermesh bases, but our group of friends have some principles and it’s not our philosophy of gaming to use non intentional mechanics.

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Well recently Funcom made an attempt to create a possible fix for the undermesh/out of bounce issue.

You could see that single player people reported random deaths when farming or going inside caves. The reason message always looked like „you’ve been inside the world“.

This „fix attempt/solution“ (intentionally?) landed inside the single player game files for consoles. I guess Funcom wanted to test it publicly to see how effective it is. Well, it seemed to be over effective :wink:

They fixed one of the methods of getting undermesh, but there is a new one. I don’t think that it’s related to people dying randomly on SP.
Many people suggests that funcom should destory every undermesh base, but I see this as a way harder solution. Not letting people get undermesh it’s way easier and should fix the problem in the long run.

Easier said than done, but a death box that is the shape and size of the map but that sits slightly underneath the surface mesh would fix the problem no? anything that then goes far enough into the mesh to touch the “deathbox” area is killed and items destroyed. Problem with this ofcourse is if their are ways for people to still get under the mesh accidentally who will then be punished for it, this is where active moderation would come in handy but unfortunately is not in Funcoms toolbox… so back to the drawing board

If poeple would die instantly when beneath the world or inside a collision you think this would not solve undermeshing? With the problem I described, they tried to solve the undermesh issue by simply killing the player who tries to go undermesh. Sadly it was a bit too aggressive/not well thought out and people died by entering caves or harvesting stones/corpses.

I don’t think we need active moderation to solve the problem. Bugs like accidentally falling through the mesh will happen and I don’t think there is a easy solution to that. The problem is that there is a simple and replicable way of going undermesh that dosen’t require any magical trick. And you can do it safely at home. I tried reporting on the bugs sections of the forum, but funcom just deleted my post without saying anything. I hope that they are doing something at least.

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