Undermeshing is becoming a big issue

For the love of God will you guys PLEASE stop “fixing” weapons, armor, and thralls and do something about the bigger problems!?!? Undermeshing is a HUGE problem. There are a lot of players and clans getting consistently harrassed and wiped by guys/gals who stack under the maps. Nit to mention when they do this they are making the world glitchy, and causing system freezes. Focus on the importance of fixing the game. THEN you can fix the little things that aren’t all that important.

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To be fair, I’m sure the people who work on fixing weapon and armor may not be same as map editing.

Just keep reporting spots they get under, the list of spot they can will get smaller and smaller in time.


Pretty much ya.

Every other patch for the last several months has included plugged up Undermeshing locations. But players always find more. Report the areas that you know via exploit hunters know and Funcom will patch more as they can. They aren’t ignoring the problem.


I don’t share your opinion. Undermeshing is not such a huge problem as you complain. There are so many official servers and only a few of them are infiltrated with „players“ (better say trolls) which have fun to destroy the gameplay on these servers. These trolls are not motivated for longtime playing so the problem, if there should be one, is solved when these trolls are leaving the server at least after a few weeks. In the meantime you can change to one of the many other troll free or to one of the many private servers, where this issue doesn’t even exist. Or you can play Singleplayer, which also makes a lot of fun.
There are so many opportunities.
IMO disproportional complaining about such troll techniques just putting Funcom under pressure to change game mechanics, which many players enjoyed till then (I.e. the Fence Foundation override). More restrictions -> less opportunities -> less fun -> less motivation -> game will die

I own a private server, so undermeshing here isnt a problem. Ghost most once a day to make sure nothing is under the map. I also have been on one official server for a year now where we deal with the trolls by not allowing them to level or build. We ha e placed building blocks under each section that we know of for undermeshing. So we really do not ha e a issue with it on the official server we are at. But we have had a influx of new clans hit the boards complaining about their previous official server being killed by trolls due to undermeshing. They need to oppoint admin controls for each server to combat these trolls. Yes it opens the door to cheating. But if trolls/bullies are dealt with consistently… then it will become less of an issue if they know that being reported to the local admin gets them banned. I love this game. And I do not want to see it get taken away due to the trolls that seem to be everywhere now.

I disagree. Admin powers will never be parceled out to players on Officials. That is a terrible idea, and sets a very bad precedent.

Instead, where you have evidence of mesh bases, report it. Either through the Exploit Hunters program, or through the server outage reporting tool. You may not see immediate results. But this is the way to communicate these mesh “faults” so that Funcom can fix them once and for all.

Would it possible (easier) for FC to set a cursed wall type just beneath the ground and inside structures then solving for good the undersmesh in any part of the map?

I mean, fixing different parts each time, relying on feedback from players to make it seems the hard way imo.

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This would require a crapload of testing to make sure you don’t have players just randomly die from the “Kill mesh” being above the actual ground…

To be uniform with the ground would take sooooooooooooo long. That’s also a lot of mesh data to add (performance costs). And you would still end up with issues probably.

I understand, how about solidify for some inches on mountains and structures? Those mountains we climb, most of them can be seen through with camera angles, ppl generally find spots in those to undermesh.

I appreciate the out of the box thinking but no, that wouldn’t work. Terrain is generated off a height map, which is how pretty much every modern game is created with. They are “see through” because that’s how all 3D models work. Open up a Foundation in a 3D application and you would see it as hollow too. It’s thickness is just fooling your eye into believing its full. When you destroy a foundation, it spawns in a destructible mesh that is also all hollowed out, except it’s broken up into smaller pieces.

Here’s a visual short video explaining the basics of height map generation in UE4. No idea what Funcom used for their height maps, but this is standard stuff. Now I’m not a map creation expert (what so ever), but something I wouldn’t do is take that height map and extrude it out on the negative Z in order to add “thickness” (which is still going to be hollow and still have the same cracks that players find). You would be taking an object with a high poly count, and adding a gazillion more verts (performance would tank).

Funcom is hardly the only game developer in the world who made a survival game whose players are exploiting the terrain to their benefit (heck, not just survival game, multiplayer game. If you think MMO’s don’t have these kinds of issues, think again!). Ark has a much higher staff count (and budget) and they are awash with undermesh exploiters galore.

The true fix is better tools to make terrain (which get better every year), and engine updates (and newer versions) to better combat the exploitative tendencies of players. All Funcom can do with Conan Exiles is plug up the holes that are found and reported. I suspect in the future this will be a less of an issue with future games as terrain generation gets more advanced.


Just interested or know, how do you know they are trolls if they haven’t built or leveled?

Is it the way they play, some historical info from another server player?

We deal with them after they do their dirty deeds.

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