12 month Patron on Steam

I already subscribe monthly through Steam, if i purchase the new 12 month Patron DLC, do i need to cancel my monthly payments through Steam? Or will Steam automatically know not to charge me each month?

I think one of the devs said on discord, that it figured it out on its own. Should finish your currently runing 30days, then start ticking down the 360days from the pack, and then renew as usual once the 360days are over.

I canceled mine to be sure though.

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ok, well, i’ll pull the trigger and see. thanks for the help Sin.

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It appears that there continues to be an issue with how our subscriptions are updating with Steam after purchasing the 12 Month Patron Special.

I’m very sorry for our misunderstanding regarding this issue. We are looking into fixing it as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

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