14day code for friends

Anyone found this yet? Figured it be in email but can’t find it anywhere.

It should appear on your account page (payment history tab) or in e-mail. I got mine, but my friend couldn’t use it at all (on a fresh acc ofc), and since that I can’t log in their website…

Yah it’s nowhere lol I still can’t use my second account paid 35$ and it’s still set on “free account” like really…but I figured I’d atleast get a damn code

Open a ticket. I subbed on friday, got double charged, and I dont have access to expansions.
I got x4 14 day codes, yet they arent usable. Still waiting for ticket response.

Here’s 2 I got you can have since I won’t use them.

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Thank you sir

dang someone used them already :confused: