Website login down?

Anyone else having problems logging in the website? My friend created a fresh account and wanted to use the 14 days code - but she can’t log in. Neither can I. Tried on different computers/ browsers/ etc. Is something wrong with their website?

I haven’t been able to enter the account page for any of my accounts since Friday I think.

I think it has something to do with the change they made. I can log in to my account page from my phone, but have fairly limited options compared to how the account page used to be. Can’t login from my laptop though.

I have figured it out. According to older forum posts You can get banned for trying to log in with a wrong password too many times. You have to wait 7 days without trying to log in again.
How to solve faster : According to old forum posts, I used a VPN and I could log in (thus the ban vanished)