Unable to log into site

For some reason I am unable to log into site to make a new account or pay my current free one… Would be nice if I could get some help

I’m having issues logging into site still I don’t know why but I had enough time to add payment option to site but not enough to finish preapproved payments

It’s possible that a large number of failed login attempts has temporarily locked you out of logging into the account management page. Please try waiting 24 hours without any login attempts, and if the issue persists send us an email ticket and we can troubleshoot further.

I’m also unable to log into the website, whether it’s my account, a brand new account I try to make, whether im browsing in different internet browsers, my phone or my computer, makes no difference… im literally trying to make brand new accounts, so I wouldn’t have any temporary lockouts applying to those, the site seems like its being dodgy tbh :expressionless:

I can access the game itself though and I was able to make a random forum account here to post this, but the main page hasn’t been working for me since last night, again, even with BRAND NEW accounts, so there is clearly no lockout applicable to those xD

There are a few potential causes for this. We’ll need you to submit an email ticket with the names of the affected accounts in order to troubleshoot as we can’t help with account issues over the forum (for security purposes).

Is there any way to lower the 30days to buy grace thing? I started a new account and I’m highly short on money I need a way to do it or I gotta wait 3 weeks to even touch AO ever

There is not, sorry.


If you are payed you can join me in lvling. Also most of the times you dont need a lot of credits for fast lvling. Just a decent org and some friends