Unable to log account

Guys i am only one unable to log in my site account?
can anyone check?
Or better can anyone from funcom let we know anything?

I cant login too. (Anarchy Online) looks the Login is down

I’m getting the same, for AoC and other Funcom account sites. My friend is too…

ok thanks, this is better then have lost account, feel better :wink:

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Yes, same here. It looks like it’s been 3hrs since OP posted the issue and still no announcement from FC :partying_face:

Thank you very much for your reports.

We’ve confirmed an issue with some of our web services. The appropriate teams have been alerted and are working to address the problem as quickly as they can. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for looking! Is it the same that is affecting the other account pages, possibly?

Edit - NVM I have seen your other posts. Thanks again!

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Account page logins should now be functioning normally. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you very much :grin:

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