Can't log in to my account on ""

I can’t log in to my account on the website, I have 6 paid and 6 froob accounts, when I type the username and the password keep getting this message Authentication failed, please check your password and try again I even tried from 12 def rent PC’s and few other cell-phones it won’t let me in. Can you help please don’t know what’s the problem? Thank you

P.S. I can log in to the game using the New and Old Client game app. It’s online, not working on the web

When you try to log in on the account page too often, successful or not (like 3 times I think) you will receive a 24 hour IP block and it’ll give that message. You can try log in on the account page on your mobile or on a VPN, or try again after 24 hours. The account page wasn’t made with players with many accounts in mind so we have to jump through some hoops.

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Okay, thank you Saavick I’ll try again in 2 days time just to make sure. Thank you for the information

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