Authentication failed to

I can not log in to my accounts on the Account management page :

I get this message " Authentication failed, please check your password and try again".
It seems to occur pretty often based on the last times i tried to log in. Last time I had to wait some time before I can enter.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Thank you

It is common. After so many logons in a 24 hour period your IP gets blocked and you have to what 1-2 days before trying again. I sometimes wait a week.

As a work around you can log onto the site using your smart phone with the wifi turned off. Or take your laptop to a coffee shop and use their wifi. Some people mention connecting thru using VPN but I have not used that.

It is very irritating!!! The message makes no since. You know the password is working when you try to log onto the Anarchy Online game.

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