Can't log in to account page on my account

I can’t log in to my account page for my paid Anarchy Online account. I requested a password reset, used the password provided multiple times (being sure it was correct each time) and it did not work. I requested a password a second and third time trying the newly sent password each time with no luck. At this point i tried to log into two of my other accounts (one of which is also a paid account) and can’t get into those account pages now either. Everything was fine until a couple days ago, now all three account pages are inaccessible. I submitted a ticket and have received no response. Please help. Edit: I should mention that I am currently able to log into the game on all of my accounts, I just can’t log into the account management page on any of them.

I feel your pain… I had this problem a week ago… and still have it today :frowning: did they ever fix yours? What if I want to cancel my subscription… If you ask me, this sounds like a lawsuit if anyone is denied access to their account and they continuously get charged.

I have the same issue. I have to use a VPN to access the page even ingame.