Fix your websites

Tried to log into an account to cancel but oddly neither site would take my valid password. Used register.funcom to reset password since the other site would not let me. Now, with new FC generated password I can’t access my account on either site. Got a high school coder that wants to explain that FC?? Let me cancel now, if I am charged again this email along with all the others and all forum posts will show up in small claims to support my case and cost you 5k in GA.

Still can not log in to either site with my account, I can log in to the game but the FC generated password doesn’t work on either site. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS???

It wasn’t a generated by browser or app. It was emailed to me from register.funcom. TRY AGAIN. FYI This morning I can not log into either site with any of my accounts. I can play the game but not access anarchy-online or register.funcom. AGAIN FIX YOUR WEBSITES!

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You should try again after at least 24 hours. If you log in more than a few times in a row, successful or not, you receive a 24 hour IP block. Alternatively, you could try on your mobile or on a VPN.

And just how many times would that be??? Can I access one account a day, 2, 3, 4, 5 without getting blocked??? I can’t change all my passwords on a single day??? Really? That would kinda mean my accounts are less than secure right? Can’t set up a new account either??? I believe if that is the case somewhere in some line of code there is a number. Please enlighten me, what is that number??? Seems kind of odd a company trying to make money would refuse to take it from anyone at anytime don’t ya think??

FYI Just created a new account can’t log into it on either website.

Every time you keep trying, the 24 hours is extended from that point. You should either wait 24 hours or try from a different IP address.

From memory I don’t know the number of logins that’s allowed, but it’s low. I can’t log in on all my accounts without changing IP either. This system clearly didn’t take into account the number of accounts an average AO player has.

Hmmm, sounds like they should FIX their websites?

Try again Saavick, next excuse please. The login’s for these websites and the game itself have been and still are an issue. Kintaii and I had a disagreement over the game login many years ago. The idiot that decided so long ago that a password should by default be hidden was and is a fool. If I were a high school tech instructor, any student that brought me your game/website login’s or any that hid the password I would fail. The default should be ‘unhidden’ with a option to hide it when needed. Hiding a password from the owner is bad security by any measure, tired hands or minds can and do repeatedly enter wrong data. Leading to bad outcomes usually for the user, his gear and ears of children on forums and CS sites. Been over 24 hours since I last tried to login to and Still can’t log in with any account, even a newly created one to either website. Simply trying to download the new client so I can get it running in Linux, old client looks …well old.

PS The email I received upon making a new account had links to download the old and new clients. Sadly, just like the websites neither worked just got an error from Cherrypi.

They worked last week no issues. Nothing has changed on my end so figure it out. Put a whole high school’s computer students on it, surely one of them will find the missing ‘.’ or ‘-’ or the ‘s’ where is should be ‘S’. Don’t forget the Kinder-gardener’s and 1st graders they probably know more about it than high schoolers actually and for sure are better coders than Funcom’s. I’m a hardware guy I hate software.

I don’t work for Funcom either, I’m just trying to help you. If you need support from Funcom, try the support page, not the forums.

If you’re just looking for a download link, try this:

New engine download
Old engine download

Still can’t login to my accounts to pay my subscriptions or do anything else on either site. As for the support page, ROFLMAO with FC’s record nah, I’d rather pull my own teeth. If Funcom doesn’t want my money fine by me. Got plenty of other things to do with my time. AO is just my guilty pleasure.

PS Saavick, you do know where you end up if you click ‘support’ on the FC sites, right? Right the F back here!


Don’t know if you tried this but this post has the address to the old login screen. I used it to fix a couple of my problems and delete my payment information (which I don’t like to save on any site).
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