Can't login to website :(

I just came back to the game about 2 days ago and I finally got into my old account, which works ingame mind you, but today I wanted to upgrade to premium and for the life of me I cannot get into the website login account page. I think I got in yesterday because I remember thinking (Wow that’s been a long time since I played this game) which was 2009. I’ve reset my password for the website over and over and it just won’t let me login even after using the new password the email gave me.

Also yes I submitted a ticket x.x

Okay I tried to go back into the game while I wait but I couldn’t get in, I’m assuming somewhere the password was reset for the game and the 15 minute wait happened. So I went and reset the password again from account dot age of conan dot com and I used the auto-generated password which I’ve been trying to use to get into the account, and I used that ingame, and it worked. O.o Odd.


To clarify I still cannot get into the website though

Sometimes if you’re logging in and out of the site multiple times in a short period, you might get locked out. If this happens, try waiting 24 hours without ANY attempts at logging in to the website from your household. If the issue persists, please message me.

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