18+ server with no clients

I have joined several servers and leveled characters up only to have the server shut down and I lost everything. After much frustration I purchased my own server but no one else ever joins. Is this game dead or can no one see my server? Granted it’s got a few mods that are for adults but I thought that would make it even more attractive for people to join. The server name is “18+ RedNekTech”. Anyone that would like to build here is welcome and I will do my best to run a fun server. It is a PVP server but it should be fun PVP not stress inducing and as admin I can always provide assistance to beginners.

If you have mods running, it will not show up in the server list.

Thank you for the reply. I see all kinds of servers that have mods running, am I missing something?

Modded servers do show up in the list but only if the “show servers with mods” box in the top right is selected. The main issue is probably that there’s 10k+ servers when you include official, modded and private so new servers just get lost in the list.

which mods are running in your server? Im interested in joining more than officials servers

Sorry I was away. I am running Pippi, Hosav’s Custom UI, Pickup+, Improved Bodies, slaverMod and Aquilon Females.

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