PC- LF NEW official server ( EU )

Is there any new / newer official server without mods and stuff? I refuse to start on a server that has 4-5 clans that are already on max tier of everything. Can someone give me a site or something where I can see new unmoded servers? Or did this aspect of the game just die?

Our private server doesn’t use mods. We aren’t official of course and our xp gains, etc., are limited in a way to not make it easy but to also be able to do what you want within a reasonable amount of time. Hit me up if you want details.

Honestly I dont care if its official as long as the mods aren’t there, I see too many private servers being stupidly easy in terms of many important parts of the game. If you’re server is in EU I would love to take a look at it, please send me a link or the info in the comment. Ty

Yeah, we don’t like easy. It takes the challenge out of the game. We are a NA server, I know you were looking for EU, but you’re welcome to give it a go just to see what the latency is like. I’ll dm you the server info.

Sry to waste ur time man I forgot to put it in the title, I can’t play on NA its gonna be 300-400+ ping sry

Check us out. Easy going PVP, weekend raid. Vanilla with some tweaks. No Mods.