Server 3527 PvP - Looking for Guild


Looking for players on this server who’re doing any sort of recruiting.

I’m not a griefer or adolescent and I’m looking to build and PvP with adults.

Please let me know if you’re recruiting and if so shoot me a msg here and we’ll connect.


Oficial server or private. Me and 2 more friends are looking for a pvp private server. We alk adults and we hard players. The server we were on just disapear.

Hey, i know the chat is 29 days old, but never give up hope, eh? :smiley:
So our private server has been revived today, its a EU located Server, 70 slots, unreal high performance ( the owner spent like 300 bucks of it to max out )
We would be so happy if you & your clans wanna join the server, we need loads of love after the ending hype…

Maybe just check out the server here:
we will be hosting diff events from time to time too! :slight_smile:

feel free to ask anything! :sunny:

Im tired of private servers wipe or disapear. Whats ur server name?? I may give it a try